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Natural Building Stone in South Elgin, IL

Lafarge Fox River Decorative Stone has several types of stone products available in bulk, whether you need a small or large amount.

Realstone Systems
Fischer Stone
Eden Stone
Halquist Stone

Building Stone/Thin Stone

We carry many different lines of building stone and thin stone. The product varieties are Ashlar, Dimensional, Ledgestone, Castle Rock, Mosaic, and Rock Panels. From white to beautiful blues and reds, we have a variety of options to choose from. We have 2:1 pattern products which have horizontal and vertical straight lines and rectangular in shape. Sawn rises with a specified height are also available, and we also have products with irregularly shaped, rise of 4” and lower, and random length pieces. Blends include bed face, split-face, or hand-rock faced.

Fond Du Lac Country Squire
Buff Gray Castle Rock
Chilton Country Squire
Charcoal Rock Panel
Chilton Cambrian Blend Ashlar
Chilton Tailored Blend Dimensional
Cinnamon Bark Ledgestone
Country Rubble Color Millstream
Fond Du Lac Rustic Ashler
Full Color Castle Rock
Ivory Rock Panels
Mill Creek Tailored Blend Dimensional
Willowbrook Blue
Ochre Rock Panels
Blue River Gray
Via Brick Color Cortona Eldorado
Whispering Pines Ledgestone

Cultured Stone

Cultured stone is made from natural stone patterns that have colors and textures which are carefully controlled. They are manmade but resemble natural stone and weigh a lot less. Brands include Boral, Coronado, and Eldorado Stone. Product variations include ledge stone, dressed field stone, limestone, stream stone, used brick, strip stone, river rock, country rubble, shadow rock, and more.

Country Ledgestone Color Aspen Boral
Dressed Field Stone
Limestone Color Buckeye
Minnesota Fieldstone Color Madison Country Coronado
Osage Color Fossil Bay Coronado
Pro Fit Ledgestone Color Autum Boral
River Rock Reno Coronado
Special Used Brick Color Country Coronado
Stream Stone Color Spring Boral
Strip Stone Color Fawn Coronado
Used Brick Color High Desert Boral
Venetian Villa Stone Color Sunset Blend
Lafarge Fox River Stone
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