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Patios & Walkways in South Elgin, IL

Lafarge Fox River Decorative Stone, we also have several varieties of patio and walkway material available. Our two primary materials are Natural Steppers and Concrete Steppers.

Natural Steppers

Patio Steppers

Chilton Steppers
Fond Du Lac Steppers
Hickory Gray
Lannon Steppers
Michels Steppers
Oklahoma Steppers
Rocky Mountain Rose
Sandy Creek Steppers
Semco Sandstone
Tennessee Blue
Tennessee Steppers


Black Hills Rustic Flagstone
Black Hills Supreme Flagstone
Chilton Large Flagstone
Fond Du Lac Large Flagstone
Hickory Grey Flagstone
Lannon Large Flagstone
Rocky Mountain Rose Flagstone
Semco Sandstone Flagstone

Blue Stone

Blue Stone
Blue Stone
Thermal FC Blue Stone


Unilock Permeable Pavements
Unilock Standard Pavers
Unilock Tumbled Pavers


Belgard Pavers
Belgard Arbel Patio
Belgard Mega Dublin Patio


Rochester Mezzano Patio
Rochester Flagstone Patio
Rochester Barrington Patio


Rosetta Dimentional Flagstone
Rosetta Grand Flagstone Collection
Rosetta Steps
Lafarge Fox River Stone
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